Blue & Black Dress or White & Gold Dress? Sheriff Deputy Youth Rapist?

We have documented enough information to show why Deputy David King should never be allowed to work in Law Enforcement.

Now there's a question: are some people seeing more than what's really there?

The picture of Deputy David King in Uniform was taken in 2016/2017

The picture of Deputy Micheal David King a Youth Rapist from Clarksville, TN was indicted in Jan. of 2014.

The theory by half of the debate says that it is more than coincidence that if you factor in nearly three years of hair loss and a diet that includes doughnuts - these two Deputy David Kings are a match.

They also point out, that Montgomery County, TN (where the youth rapes occurred) is right in the middle of the counties in KY where Deputy David King has known to work. Raising more eyebrows, Deputy David King is currently working in Christian County, KY, and that county, borders Montgomery County, TN.

Many believe it was a bogus charge when Deputy David King arrested 71 years-old, Ronald S. Wentworth of Ledbetter alledging inappropriate sexual contact with two minors. They feel that is more like Deputy David King's M.O. and not Wentworth's.

They say that when Ronald Wentworth was locked up, he wanted out. The courts told him that if he would enter a guilty plea that they would let him go. He did what everyone does. He made the bogus deal and left.

Child Rapist 2014
Deputy David King 2016 2017

Fueling speculation one(/same???) Deputy David King was fired from the Montgomery Sheriff's Department on  February 3, 2015, and one Deputy David King was sworn in at Livingston County on January 7, 2015. It was said that David was already on paid suspension during that overlap.

However, that's not the only overlap. Rapist Deputy David King had been employed at the Montgomery Sheriff's Dept. since 2005. One poster noted that the overlap isn't unusual, E.g. James Samples one of the people David King made false allegations on was going to school 8 hours a day and working as an Emergency Medical Technician in Kentucky while also working as a Firefighter in Indiana.

Another poster stated that the reason she suspects that it's the same Deputy David King is due to the Newspaper article (regarding David King being sworn in at Livingston County, KY) making obvious omissions as to David's negative track-record.

What do you see? Black & Blue dress or White & Gold dress? In this case, do you see them as the same dress?


The dress reference is based on a natural optical illusion that took the internet by storm recently. Here's a link:

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