Court Hearing on August 6th, 2018 – Motion to Reverse Guilty Plea Made Under Duress & Drop the Bogus Charges

On April 27th, 2016 Deputy David King made two false charges against James Samples.
1.) Impersonating a Peace Officer,
2.) Falsely Reporting an Incident

Falsely Reporting an Incident

Initially there was an accusation that James had told the store manager that he was a Law Enforcement Officer. James posted the sound clip of him telling the manager that in order to help her, he needed to act in the capacity of her Security Personnel.
Note: No law enforcement officer would have to act in the capacity of "Theft Protection".
---- With that accusation debunked the accusation shifted ----
At a bond hearing Deputy David King testified that James was guilty of impersonating an officer because James claimed to be a "Response to Terrorist Bombing instructor".  James is such an instructor
- The charge was dropped.

Falsely Reporting an Incident

Two big problems with that charge
1.) James wasn't the one that reported the crime, that crime was reported by Brandi Walker,
2.)  There was nothing false about the crime.

They withheld the details of James'charges for nine months so they could keep twisting the allegations. Then James was assaulted and told to plea guilty and remove everything from the internet.

It's time to drop the charges and charge the real criminals. James has contacted the F.B.I. lets encourage the F.B.I. to take proper action against the Kentucky Corruption Crisis.

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