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Troublesome nature of Deputy David King

Did Christian County, KY. Sheriff Livy, perform a pre-employment check on David King? - We did.

Smiths Grove Police Department

Chief Johnny Vance hired David King.
Due to extreme Official Misconduct - Chief Johnny Vance fired David King before David even finished his Police Academy.
Chief Johnny Vance seemed appalled to learn that David King was still working in Law Enforcement.

Munfordville Police Dept.

Munfordville Police Department hired David King and allowed him to finish the Police Academy that he was unable to complete due to being terminated by Smiths Grove Police Department due to his misconduct.

On September 7, 2012, Deputy David King was approached by Harold Thompson, a resident of Cub Run, Kentucky. Thompson wanted to discuss an auto accident report that Deputy King had prepared involving Harold’s daughter. Deputy King advised Harold he didn’t want to discuss it and that he would arrest Harold if Harold tried to continue the conversation. Harold tried to continue to speak with the public servant. At that time Deputy King told Harold that he was under arrest. Harold made no attempt to flee or resist and made no threat towards Deputy King. According to the lawsuit, Deputy King, without cause or legal justification, then used his taser on Harold.

Deputy King's misuse of force, the false allegation of resisting arrest, and the false allegation of disorderly conduct were the basis of the lawsuit against the City of Munford, Munford Police Department, and Officer David King. Failure to discharge Officer King when he had exhibited such wrongful conduct prior to this incident, while employed by the Munfordville Police Department, as well as, failure to perform a proper pre-hire screening  

The false allegations against Harold were dismissed with prejudice on January 28, 2013.       

Trigg County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy David King worked for the Trigg County Sheriff’s Office for less than a year. This is where he met and worked alongside Deputy Jesse Riddle. Jesse went on to the McCracken County Sheriff Department’s Drug Unit this is where he served as a “Handler” for a “Not-so-Confidential Informant” named “Billy Don Waynick” a.k.a. “Dirty” in meth circuits. McCracken County Sheriff John Hayden was running buddies with Billy Don Waynick when they were both living in Princeton, KY., Sheriff Hayden endorsed Waynick as a Confidential Informant even though other drug task force refused to use him – since Waynick was “too much trouble”. Jesse Riddle set up a Sting-Meth-House on Johnson Road, in Paducah, KY. In that meth house, was stuck, two children (Kadence 8 years old & Christopher Samples 7 years old) to keep the Sting-Meth-House from appearing to be a Sting operation.

 Sheriff John Hayden and Sgt. Det. Jesse Riddle would go on to allow Waynick to use drugs and would cover-up many of the crimes he committed. Those crimes by Billy Waynick included the threat of homicide to a woman that was going to testify against him, assault to Christopher Samples (when asked about his black eye, Christopher responded “Billy was being mean”), theft of vehicles, burglarizing stores - even one in Livingston County - The Minit-Mart - that was “investigated” by Deputy David King..." Again, no charges against Billy Waynick  

Livingston County Sheriff’s Department

January 7, 2015, Deputy David King is sworn in to serve as a deputy for the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department. According to the “Livingston County Ledger,” Deputy King started his Full-Time career at the Munfordville Police Department and makes no mention of the reason Deputy King was terminated. It’s uncertain if Deputy King lied on his resume to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department or if the “Livingston County Ledger” is trying to dance around the misconduct firings that started with the Smiths Grove Police Department.

James Samples is the owner of Protection Guys, a dealer, repairman and installer of security equipment. James was contacted by a woman named Brandi Walker. Brandi advised James that she had been at a party the night before where Billy Waynick gave her a lot of stolen merchandise from the Minit-Mart in Grand Rivers, KY. She advised that Waynick and his friend “Dean” were shooting up meth and were “wasted”...

James was curious if his children were with Billy Waynick at the time since Waynick is James’ ex-wife’s poor choice for a paramour. James asked Brandi to meet him at the store to return the stolen items. While there, Brandi explained to the manager about Waynick’s thefts. The manager explained that she was having trouble with the DVR. Of course, James was quick to offer his services to repair and review.

Brandi also reported the incident to Deputy David King. Deputy David King then filed false charges against James accusing James of filing a false police report and impersonating a peace officer. At a bail arraignment hearing, Deputy David King explained that James claimed to be some sort of “Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing” instructor and engages in international anti-terrorism activities. The only thing false about the “Police Report” was that it was given by Brandi Walker and not James and there was nothing false about her report. As far as the second false allegation made by Deputy David King, There was nothing false about that either. With less than 8 months of longevity, David left the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and went to Christian County.        

Christian County Sheriff’s Department

The Christian County Sheriff is well aware of this site and Deputy David King’s past, and still, Sheriff Livy continues to allow Deputy David King to jeopardize the taxpayer’s hard-earned money by allowing the liability to continue.

Besides all the well-documented instances of official misconduct, many citizens are trying to figure out if Sheriff Livy moved a youth rapist (click here) next door to his previous victims.