Victim falsely accused of “Falsifying a Report” that was forced to enter a bogus guilty plea; is now offering $10,000 for a copy of that alleged report.

NO BODY CAMERA FOOTAGE, NO COPY OF A REPORT BY JAMES, NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER... Except the Recordings that James Samples has proving that a woman named Brandi Walker is the one that made the report (against Billy Waynick) and that Brandi Walker returned the merchandise that she received from Billy back to the store.

What happens if Livingston Co. KY can produce a report regarding this matter that James signed?

At that time we will give the presenter of such a police report - or any recording of James giving the report- $10,000. We don't have to worry about them being able to prove a lack of corruption in this matter.

Why did James Plead Guilty and then Leave the Country before telling the truth regarding making the plea under duress?

James was assaulted, received multiple false arrest,... James was instructed to enter a bogus guilty plea and remove all the evidence from the internet. James entered the bogus guilty plea and then boarded a plane to leave the country. Once out of the country James built more websites to expose the corruption.

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